Build Colorblind Accessible Products

For the longest time, our culture has been un-educated on the topic of people with visual deficiency AKA the colorblind. Many products are built without consideration of people who have trouble seeing red/green (protanopia) or think the colorblind population is too low to put forth an effort to cater design around them. I would argue that there is no population small enough to ignore when it comes to a sell.

I've recently made a blog post about the struggles of being colorblind in both life and the tech industry. Within the post, I break down at a high-level which companies have overlooked the colorblind population and which companies have done well to include them in the successful usability of their products.

In the end, it doesn't matter if you are in software, hardware, furniture, or any other industry - we should all be building with the colorblind in mind. That includes our brands and colors used within our products (both digital and not).

If you are interested in building products that will cater to the colorblind, let's work together and I will help break down your current design and give an intensive list of any shortcomings that will be hard to interpret for people with visual deficiency along with helpful recommendations on how to correct the flaws.

If this sounds like you, let's talk and help build successful products for all people.YES! I WANT TO BUILD AMAZING PRODUCTS!